cookielove....on my mind



Follow your passion.  Live your bliss.  Do what you love.  I read books and articles and blogposts extolling these principles.  I have wonderfully creative friends and family that I love and admire who are embracing this framework for life.  

Cookies are my passion; not just the baking, but the creating of new recipes, the packaging for special occasions, the determining of what is JUST RIGHT for someone I know and love.  When I make someone cookies, it's a gift of love.  

What this world needs is more love - mine comes in the form of a cookie.  With a love note tucked inside.  

My goal with cookielove is to help others share the love through cookies - be it a wedding favor, a batch of cookies for a party, a gift for a friend or a teacher or a coworker....if you need cookies and a creative way to give them - call me, text me, Facebook me.  My cookies have won the Knot Magazine's "wedding favor of the year" and have made many people smile.....never underestimate the power of a cookie baked with love.  

Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive.

Dalai Lama